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Helps to find low life insurance rates for coverage across Canada. Free online quote service.
Canada Life
A Canadian mutual life insurance company.
Clarica Life Insurance Company
Offers life insurance and financial solutions in Canada and the United States.
Consumer Term Life Insurance
Provides objective term life insurance comparisons online, from surveys of numerous insurance products offered. This is a free consumer service, courtesy of CompuOffice Software Inc.
Equitable Life of Canada
Offers life insurance, employee benefits, and savings products.
IDC Insurance Direct Canada
Offers free, instant, life and critical illness insurance quotes from over 35 Canadian companies, with articles and financial advice columns as well.
Imperial Life Financial
Offers individual and group life and health insurance, annuity and investment fund products, throughout Canada, except Quebec.
Quality Insurance Services - Canada
Receive a next day quote from one of our agents, all of which have 25 years experience.
The Standard Life Assurance Co
Canadian company offers financial products and services including group savings and retirement, group life and health, indidual life insurance, savings, and retirement planning.
Canadian term insurance research and comparison site, with online quotes available.
World Critical Illness Insurance Conference Centre
The conference will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia. Lists sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, participants and contact details.
Your Insurance Brokers
A guide to Canadian life insurance brokers across Canada who offer professional rate comparison services.
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